Can the Negro Bounce Back?

It is hard to say because things are going so south for the black man in America (and really all across the globe), the Negro question is expanding even more.  After years of assimilating in this country, the question of Negro has still not been given the equal footing as the white counterparts.  Other immigrants have also risen as nation above the black man in America.


The thing the Negro must do in order to return to prominence as a people is to have a real unity spiritually and with each other.  The family unit must return and the quarrel of the covenant has to be settled.  Many of these things are outlined in the book, The Negro Question.  Negros seldom receives solutions to fixing the problems that break the community down.  Instead the Negro man speaks only of the problems and how it tears down the community.


The Negro Question will show where the problem originated and thus give us a clear solution on how to fix it.

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