The Negro Question at a Cafe

Hey, I hope you had a good thanksgiving and you really gave thanks for all you’re thankful for.  I just had a quick story to share.  As I walked the streets of Chicago, I sat down in a local coffee shop and set my book down and grabbed my normal beverage.  I had a gentlemen come bye and ask me, what is that book about?  I usually leave it on the table and let people quench their own curiosity.  I told him to open it up and see!  The book he is referring to is my best-selling book, The Negro Question.


So I had the guy look through the book and he was sincerely amazed at the images of all the Negros who were prominent in the history or Negro blacks.  Further he learned that Negros have more than the slave history presented by the mainstream media, (especially in the USA).  And I had to tell him, as I tell you via this blog post, the information tagged along with the images in this book make it a sure “banger” as we say in the streets.  In other words, the Negro Question will be a very informative and entertaining book for all readers.


I hope you decide to get a copy and get the question answered forever, who is the Negro and what is to be done with him?  Have a good day!



Lee B. Cummings



PS: Get your personal copy of the Negro Question today at a local book store (in Chicago) or order online here or contact us for additional information to get your copy today!

Applied Knowledge is the Key

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