About the Negro Question

Negro Part 1The Negro Question book by author Lee B. Cummings and this website insists on answering two vital questions for 40-plus-million Negros living in America today.  The questions are who is the Negro, and what do we do with them?  This divinely inspired and written book answers these questions for us clearly and visually.


The author adds images that will take your breath, and shock you in tracing back the Negro’s heritage never taught to them.  This website also offers great insight on the Negro fight in North America and will deliver answers in how to mend the aged conflict that plagues the Negro community.


Do not delay yourself any longer; secure a copy of The Negro Question today!  This is a MUST READ for all ‘African Americans’ and must be read to “Negro-children” as well.  Buy The Negro Question Now!


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  1. Love to see some NT work regarding the work of Jesus the transition of old to new the confusion of the Jew vs the true Hebrew Israelies the ethnic dynamics and the history of black Cesar’s and emperors during the Hasmonean and Herod eras.

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