Paleo Hebrew Online History Course

If you are trying to learn Paleo (Ancient) Hebrew Today then…

Learn How to Read and Write Ancient Paleo Hebrew in 3 Months or Less, Guaranteed!

Hi, my name is Lee B. Cummings, the author of the bestselling Negro Question Book Series seen so popularly on Amazon among the true history of black “negro” peoples! I’ve become fascinated with the thought of breaking codes, specifically the code of the Paleo Hebrew Alphabet…

This fascination brought me seven (7) years into the future. It took me 7 years to break the code to this very elusive Alphabet that is not being taught by any university in the world! The MOST-HIGH revealed this secret to me and I am here to share it with you.

Perhaps it wouldn’t have taken me 7 years if I had a teacher! This is the benefit you have because I have taken the lumps, bumps, and thumps of meticulously learning the codes of how the fathers communicated so we can understand today! This is why I can practically guarantee you’ll be able to learn the codes in three (3) months as opposed to 7 years like it took me.

Every Bible Teacher & Minister Needs This Course

Why is it important? Because of ONE VERY BIG REASON; people! And when we say people, we mean people in absolute power, they typically come with agendas. Misrepresent a symbol or two with the Paleo Hebrew code and meanings, definitions, and phrases change the meaning to something else.

Also, modern Hebrew is in NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM a good representative of the ancient Hebrew the fathers communicated with! Long story short, learning the Paleo Hebrew Alphabet and consequently the language, will put you leaps and bounds ahead of those who don’t…

… when it comes to understanding your Bible and many other ancient writings! Imagine yourself going to any ancient museum and you are able to read the writings of the ancient text right off the wall like you’d read a newspaper??!!

Can you imagine that?

I can and I can for you too! When you decide to take this course, there are certain guarantees that I am able to make:

You will be able to Translate:

  • The DEAD SEA SCROLLS (Depending on the size of the script)

This is all included and so much more!

Don’t DELAY, classes begin soon!

These are live classes on Zoom, but you will have access to the recordings forever!

The tuition for the class is $15,000

You can apply for federal aid to cover some or all of the cost… but we don’t want to make this such a drag, so we’re going to cut, slash 100% of the tuition for the class and allow you to join for free!

This is what separates the men from the boys, the women from the girls, the best from the rest. All we ask is that you get the class or course book/dictionary; it is one of its kind.

Take advantage now before the price goes back to the worth of this course!


You will be able to join us live from the comfort and convenience of your home!