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Hey, it’s Lee Cummings, author of the bestselling so-called black history series on Amazon, the Negro Question. 

First off, I want to thank you for being with me on the journey, purchasing books, and assisting, inspiring, and pushing me to continue to bring the dope stuff found in our history; the history of the black man! 
I couldn’t be where I am without the Creator and you. Now the purpose of this email is to inform you that I receive hundreds of emails a month (really) about doing a course for the Negro Question Series.

Currently, I am working a movie/documentary (also at the request of a couple film dudes who want to turn the pages of TNQ into motion film). So I have been moved to accommodate what the people, the true people, like you are asking for.
Now I have to say it is more important to me to deal with a few, who can also illuminate the more. What that means is that I will release a course, an 8-week course that will cover BANGIN subjects from the book, and even give you a sneak peek into the new drill… that’s right; part 7, WHICH might give the traditional so-called scholar a massive heart shake.
Back to the point. The course will not be able to handle the hundreds of hundreds requesting, but more so 30 to 50. And as soon as we solidify the technology we’re going to use for you to get into the room of the course with us, we’ll be letting you know.
The course outline will follow two days a week, Tuesday and Thursday, and we’re going to deal with the timeline of history. Most people can’t get a grasp of the timeline of history, especially when evolutionary historians talk about millions of years ago.
We’re going to hit the details of black Mesopotamia, 4142 BCE to the flood 2486 BCE, the black-headed people of ancient Sumeria, the first doctors, dentists, the first language and oldest writings. 
Then we’ll go into how all the nations dispersion, Egypt being founded after the flood 2486 BCE. We’ll also get into the 11th Dynasty with Abraham, the 15th Dynasty with Isaac, the 12th Dynasty with Pharoah Amenhetet and Sensuret, and more. 
We’ll have a lot more, as we bring it into the 13 BLACK COLONIES and the Black Scots, the Jacobites, and Jacobins, and even the Magna Carta of 1215 explained. There’s so much, and it’ll all be recorded just for class attendees.
It will only be open for 30 to 50 slots unless my guy Mike and Nehemiah talk me otherwise. 
A white Northwestern professor who has read my books to his delight told me such a course should be in his university and people should have to pay tuition type fees to attend. 
I was humbled by his compliment, but by no means taking his counsel; this course will not be a wallet burner; my 16-year-old son will be able to afford a seat in the Negro Question Course Online. 
So get ready… the next email on this subject will be the door opening for the Negro Question Course, so look out in your email box. 
Once again, I want to thank you for being with the Negro Question series; let’s keep it going.
The Negro Question History course will start on November 1, 2017  and will be taught by the Author Lee Cummings…..there are only 30 seats left….the cost per seat is $200….if you divide that into 8 weeks…the cost is $25 per week. You will not find a class of this magnitude anywhere in the United States for $25 per week. There isn’t a University in the United States or the World for that matter that can offer a course to rival this one…..this is your opportunity to finally know the truth concerning real World History! Everybody needs a teacher and I want to be yours….your humble servant…Lee Cummings.


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Lee B. Cummings
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