The Negro Question Course

Hey there, one more super special offer here for you. This opportunity is special to me because this is what people should be about… Learning!

In this world, some people are readers and some people are listeners, and studiers.

The key is to know which one you are and which one you more effectively learn by. My books are written in a way where it appears that I’m sitting in the room talking with you, at least that’s what hundreds of people have written to me saying, so that makes it very easy to read and understand.

However, I do understand that some people actually want and need that actual voice, the actual handholding, the mentorship, and companionship of a teacher to student as they embark on a new educational learning venture.

If you’re that type of person, I totally understand, in fact, many people are starting to voice this very desire to me via email and therefore I have decided to take a live course, from a possibility to a reality.

On this very page (and this is the only place where it will be at this price), if you wisely take the offer and opportunity TODAY, I have an eight-week course that will cover all of the content in our books, and more, and if you invest in your education right now, you can take advantage of future books we write and add to the course outline.*

The course will go over everything in the Negro question from part one, through part six (which is due out in a few months).

If you get this course from on a different page on our site or any other medium, you’ll find it at least $500, that’s at the very least.

The good news is that at the price of ($500), you will still be very happy and excited about what you’re going to learn in the course as well as the information you’d be able to get by dialoguing with us.

In fact, you may actually think that you are getting over on ole Lee Cummings and the team here, even at the educational investment of $500.

However if you take the offer, right now, on this page you can save yourself nearly half of that investment and join our eight-week course for a one-time investment of just $297.

That gives you eight weeks of thrilling and informational content that will be recorded and kept for you forever.

What if I want to take the course again or you add another book and I want to take the course over for the new book’s sake?

Great question!!

For this reason, we’ve thought ahead and created the unlimited course. The unlimited course allows you to come to our classes over and over for an unlimited amount of times, and when new books are released, you will be able to participate in the new book’s teachings also, for just $200 extra!

Isn’t that exciting!

That means, when you get the course today you will be able to join the course curriculum for part six and so forth… and God willing we’ll have more research come our way, we will obviously add it to the coursework and you will get that also for free. You invest an additional $200 today and you can come to our courses over and over… with your entire family!

The point is that these are exciting times and I am 100% sure that my books will feed your soul and spirit very well.

I understand and want you to understand that reading a book and going to the author’s actual seminar are two different experiences. If you would like to experience our seminar course work and gain even more added value and understanding in your learning process, then I strongly suggest that you take our Negro Question Course today at the value investment of just $297

Go ahead and secure your spot right now by filling out step one, two, and three right now!

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